March 2, 1920 (13th Parliament, 4th Session)


Herbert Macdonald Mowat



The hon. member for
North Cape Breton and Victoria (Mr. McKenzie) deems it proper at times to throw the charge, if it be a charge, or sneer, if it be a sneer, across the floor of this House at members on this side as being the Tory party. It may please him to do so, but I can assure the House and the country that such is at present not the ease. So when my hon. friend (Mr. Lapointe) from Quebec East, who seems to have arisen to a high place, although I do not know what it is, in the councils of his party,asks me questions about what the Government are going to do, I may say that I
am not in the confidence of the Government, but no doubt they will answer for themselves.

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