May 31, 1920 (13th Parliament, 4th Session)


George Eulas Foster (Minister of Trade and Commerce)


Rt. Hon. Sir GEORGE FOSTER (Minister of Trade and Commerce):

The object is briefly as follows: In 1912, a conference was held which resulted in the arrangement of a ten years' reciprocal trade agreement between Canada and the West Indies. That agreement has still two years to run. Transport and cable facilities were also arranged for at the same conference. It has been considered wise that we should meet together a little in advance of the time when the old arrangement would expire, to take into consideration exactly the same subjects, so what is being considered, and what will be considered, at the present conference is, first, the trade relations of the two sections of the Empire as regards preference and objects or lists of preference; second, the improvement of transport facilities, both as to passengers and freights, making them

more uniform, and, if possible, more widely distributed, and more commodious; third, the improvement of cable facilities, which have been very poor during the past year or two, and which it is necessary to have improved in the interests of trade and communication. Those are the three matters, and those alone, which are under consideration.
Mr. LEM1EUX: With your permission,
Mr. Speaker, I should like to be allowed to implement my question. I see by the press that there is quite a campaign in favour of the political annexation of the West Indies to Canada. Could my right hon. friend give the House any information he may have on the subject, or has he given us all the information?

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