February 23, 1921 (13th Parliament, 5th Session)


Joseph Archambault

Laurier Liberal

Mr. JOSEPH ARCHAMBAULT (Cham-bly and Vercheres) :

Mr. Speaker, I wish to draw your attention to an inaccuracy in Hansard. On February 17, at page 89 I find in the report of the speech made by the hon. member for St. Hyacinthe-Rou-ville (Mr. Gauthier) these words:
The accusation came, and X am glad to see my hon. friend the member for Chambly and Verchdres (Mr. Archambault) in his place, for he was the president of the convention when this matter was threshed out.
I was in the House when the speech was made, and I do not believe my hon. friend referred to me, because a little later on he refers to the hon. member for Berthier (Mr. Gervais) in these words:
During- the special convention, which was presided over by my friend the member for Berthier (Mr. Gervais), we took congnizance of all these facts. '
I rise simply to correct this statement and to state that I never was at any convention of the Artisans, especially at the convention that whitewashed my hon. friend.

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