April 12, 1921 (13th Parliament, 5th Session)


Volume IV:

3005-4040 Volume V: 4041-4580

Trahan, Mr. Arthur (Nicolet)
Address in reply to Governor General's Speech, 223; disregard of rights of French language, 223; religious holidays; violation of pledge given by Sir Robert Borden; Prime Minister's professed friendship for Quebec, 224; attack on leader of Opposition and his supporters t military imperialism the mailed fist of commerce and industry; agriculture, the basis of industrial stability; industrialism fraught with danger; the "crisis of moral sense"; Pensions Act; the Prime Minister still a "downright imperialist"; Mr. Gauthier and the Minister of Marine; Quebec will remember 1917; War-time Elections Act; Government shows contempt for rights of Parliament and people; Peace Treaty; country's credit involved without the consent of Parliament, 226; Purchasing Commission; Canadian Navy; League of Nations; Prime Ministers' Conference, 227; Imperial defence; divorce; Quebec, 228; Government undeserving of confidence, 229 Civil Service Ascension day, 2775 Civil Service Act Amdt. Bill, 4484-89 Holidays, amdt. 4484 European credits, qu. 2622 Finance. See also that title Accounts with Great Britain, qu. 2622 Dominion note issues, qu. 2621 Expenditure accounts, qu. 2621 Investments " other " and " non-active ", qu. 2619
Public debt-non-active miscellaneous banking accounts, 2621 Repayment of $25,000,000 loan, qu. 2622 Revenue accounts, qu. 2620 Income tax returns, 2625 International Financial Conference, qu. 1237
St. Simon station agent, qu. 3208
Trains, Cancellation of. See Canadian National Railways
Tramp Steamers. See Canadian Government Merchant Marine
Transcontinental Railway. See Canadian National Railways
Transferable Votes. See Proportional Representation
Translation of French Speeches. See House of Commons; Debates; French language
Transportation, 738. See olsoCanals; Grain and grain trade; Great Lakes-St. Lawrence; Railways; St. Lawrence river
Difficulties, 3567
Car shortage, 512, 548, 3541, 4322
Rail and water, 484
Res. (Mr. Keefer) 674; withdrawn, 756
Travelling Expenses of Judges. See Judges Act Amdt. Bill
Treaties. See also Canada-West Indies; Extradition; Canadian Representation in United States; French Trade Agreement
Extradition between Canada and United States, 2687
Migratory Birds Treaty, 2892. See also that title
Negotiation of, 2387
Tremblay, Edouard- See Quebec Riots
Trent Canal. See Canals-
Tributes to Deceased Members. See House
of Commons
Trowers, Miss Catherine, qu. 1131
Trustees, remuneration of. See Bankruptcy Act Amdt. Bill
Tubercular Cattle. See Health of Animals
Tuberculin Test, 1049
Tuberculosis, Prevention of, Canadian Association, grant, 3142
Turgeon, Mr. O. (Gloucester)
Address in reply to Governor General's Speech, 144; congratulations to mover and seconder; the new Prime Minister, 144; the "Great Liberal" dead but spirit survives; the world in an abnormal condition; Prime Minister's reasons for not holding general election; Government has forfeited confidence of country, 145; reasons for formation of Union Government; Government elected for term of war and demobilization, 146; people clamouring forelection; tariff; increase of railway rates, 147; redistribution, representation of rural and urban communities, 148; increased production and population, 149
Budget, 3447. Financial conditions and Government policy, 3447; tariff revision, 3448; value of home market, 3449; luxury taxes; taxation of lumber; tariff and protectionist spirit. 3450; income tax, 3451; free trade and

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