May 23, 1921 (13th Parliament, 5th Session)


William Lyon Mackenzie King (Leader of the Official Opposition)


Hon. W. L. MACKENZIE KING (leader of the Opposition):

I would like to draw the attention of the Government to an answer that was made by the right hon. the Prime Minister to a question that I asked on Friday last in regard to Judge Snider's report. The question and answer were as follows:
Hon. W. L. Mackenzie King (leader of the Opposition) : Is the Prime Minister now in a position to say when Judge Snider's report will be brought down?
Right Hon. Arthur Meighen (Prime Minister) : I have heard nothing at all about the report. As far as I know, the report, after the final sitting, is not in. I am informed Just now that it is not in.
I do not know whether my right hon. friend is seeking to get under cover through the use of the words "after the final sitting." I believe that Judge Snider made a report some two months ago, which was approved by Order in Council some fifteen days ago. That is the report to which I have reference, and what I should like to know is why that report has not been brought down to the House. If my right hon. friend is talking about some other report, it is not what I have in mind. What I should like to have brought down is the report that was made some two months ago by Judge Snider, and which has been approved by Order in Council.

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