June 3, 1921 (13th Parliament, 5th Session)


Alexander Kenneth Maclean


Mr. MACLEAN (Halifax):

It is perhaps dangerous to express an opinion upon a matter so delicate as this without having on opportunity of considering the matter, which opportuity I have not had. I am inclined to doubt very much the wisdom of extending a preference of this nature to all persons who served with His Majesty's Navy during the war. I, of course, have not in mind Canadians who were serving on any of His Majesty's ships, who were liable to be, or who were engaged in action, or who were employed in dangerous or hazardous work. But I doubt very much the wisdom of placing in this position persons who were in His Majesty's service and who were doing, say, harbour work, during the war. It may be that the persons I instance do not come within the terms of this clause, but I want to be sure about the matter, and I am rather disposed to feel that they would come within it.

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