June 9, 1922 (14th Parliament, 1st Session)


John Frederick Johnston


Mr. J. FRED JOHNSTON (Last Mountain) :

Mr. Speaker, before the Orders of the Day are called, I would like as a matter of privilege to bring to the attention of the House a news item in the Montreal Daily Star of June 8, in which it is stated that the Progressive members declined to cut down the list of their speakers and wiill not consent to sit all night. I am not so much concerned with this article as with the opinion that seems to be pretty generally held by members of other parties in this House that that is the fact. In this connection I would point out that this debate has been adjourned on ten evenings, and that the Progressive party have supplied the last speaker on five of those evenings. The total number of speakers of all three parties taking part in this debate is 26 Government, 21 Opposition, and 26 Progressive, or 73 in all. It will be noted on reference to Hansard that it took 173 pages to contain the remarks of Government members, 153 pages for the official Opposition, and 132 pages for the Progressives. We had an equal number of speakers wi'h the Government and five more than the Opposition, but as the figures I have given show, it has taken considerably less space in Hansard to contain the views of the Progressive members. So I think the charge that we have been delaying this debate is not well founded.

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