June 16, 1922 (14th Parliament, 1st Session)


Onésiphore Turgeon



The commission has
lately stated that it might be well if appointments to positions involving a salary under $200 were recommended by the member for the county. It may not have been so intended, but I look upon that as the greatest insult that could be offered to the representatives of the people in Parliament. It is an insult for a member of Parliament to be told that he is not fit to make appointments carrying a salary of over $200. I see the ex-Minister of Agriculture in his seat. It is an insult to him and hon. gentlemen opposite just as much as it is to me. If I am not qualified to nominate a man for a position worth $1,000 or $2,000, I do not want to choose a man for a position worth $200. My hon. friends of the Progressive party, led by my hon. friend from Marquette, say, let us do away with patronage, but in ten years' time they may find that the public service in the prairie provinces has been degraded because no responsibility for it attaches to members of Parliament, and before that time comes, it will have cost millions of dollars to the country. If a member is not willing to accept this responsibility, let him not seek to be elected to Parliament. He is the only one who can be held to account for the proper carrying on of the public service in his constituency, and he should be ready to accept that responsibility. This same Government that after 1911 put out every public official in the Dominion of Canada who was a Liberal or Liberal appointee-[DOT] and they cannot deny that, every such official was dismissed, and the only exceptions in my county were the postmasters in five or six places where there were no Conservatives in existence-

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