March 22, 1923 (14th Parliament, 2nd Session)



Conservative (1867-1942)

1. Is it a fact that the Icebreaker Mikula, formerly known as the J. D. Hazen, went ashore at Cap a la Rouche, near Quebec, during the present month of March ?
2. Has any investigation been held by the Wreck
Commissioners, or any one else, as to the cause of the stranding of this ship? -
3. Who was the Captain in charge at the time of the stranding, and when was he appointed?
4. Has the officer in charge at the time of the stranding been suspended?

5. What is the estimated cost of the repairs of the ship, now in drydock at Lauzon?
6. Did the government have during the present season, a supply of coal at Three Rivers for this ship?
7. Is it not a fact that if a supply of coal had been on hand at Three Rivers at the time of the stranding, there would have been no necessity for the ship to travel to Quebec for coal and return, a distance of 180 miles, and thereby have avoided the possibility of stranding?

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