April 9, 1923 (14th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Alan Webster Neill



Mr. Speaker, I would
like to ask the hon. Minister of Marine and Fisheries (Mr, Lapointe) if he can give us any information as to when the report on the investigation into the wreck of the steamer Alaskan is likely to be brought down. The investigation took place more than two months ago, and the report is not likely to be voluminous. I may point out that apart from this investigation, sufficient has been brought out in connection with the wreck of the Alaskan and three other wrecks which have unfortunately occurred since then, two of them with loss of life, to show that the representations made by myself and by many public bodies in the West are well founded, namely, that the life-saving appliances or provisions out there are not adequate. I would like to ask the minister what steps he is taking or contemplates taking to deal with this matter. Time is slipping away; the session will soon be over, and this is a very important matter to the people on the coast of British Columbia.

Imprisonment- J. H. Roberts

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