April 16, 1923 (14th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Charles Marcil


Hon. CHARLES MARCIL (Bonaventure):

Before you leave the chair, Mr. Speaker, I
would like to call the attention of the Acting Postmaster General (Mr. Graham) to a matter concerning which I should have spoken when the House was in supply, but being occupied in a committee of the House I was unable to do so. It is regarding the special delivery of letters, on which a stamp of twenty cents has now to be placed. Many complaints have reached me from Montreal on this subject, and I would like to call the attention of the acting minister to the matter so that he may investigate it.
When the special delivery was originally devised, the postage was fixed at ten cents; it is now twenty cents, in addition to the three cents ordinary postage. That makes twenty-three cents for a special delivery letter. Last Thursday I had occasion to send a special delivery letter to Montreal,. placing twenty cents postage on it. The letter was wrongly delivered, but I am not complaining of that, as the address might not have been as perfect as it should have been.

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