May 22, 1923 (14th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Hugh Alexander Stewart

Conservative (1867-1942)

Mr. H. A. STEWART (Leeds):

I desire to call the attention of the government to a despatch appearing in the Toronto Mail and Empire of the 19th, instant, which reads a3 follows:
Sir Henry W. Thornton is Steamship Director At a meeting of the board of directors of Canada Steamship Lines, Limited, held to-day, Sir Henry W. Thornton, K.B.E., was elected a director of the company. .
I should like to ask if the government has any information on this matter? If not, will it ascertain the facts and inform the House? Also, does the government approve of the president of the Canadian National Railways acting as a director of a corporation which competes with the Canadian National Railways and the Canadian Mercantile Marine?
Hon. GEORGE P. GRAHAM (Minister of Railways): The government has no information excepting what it has seen in the newspaper despatch. I will endeavour to get the information asked for. Regarding my hon. friend's second question, I may tell him that the Canadian National railways, as now constituted, has an exchange of traffic arrangement with the Canada Steamship Lines.

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