May 22, 1923 (14th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Volume V:


Wages. See Cost of Living; Labour
Wainwright Buffalo Herd, 2773, 3407, 3941 Slaughter of, 3435, 3439, 4702
Waldron, Mr. Gordon, United Farmers of Ontario, 425
Walker, Sir Edmund, immigration, 1343
Wallace, Mr. J. A. (Norfolk)
Animal Contagious Diseases bill, 2133 Bank Act Amdt. bill, 4027 Cold Storage Act Amdt. bill, 2056-9 Health of animals, 581 Historic sites, 3432
Port Dover, Ont., Fathers Dollier and Galinee, 3433
Income tax, revenue, cost, etc. qu. 1259 Life-saving station, Long Point, lake Erie, 3335
Oleomargarine, drawback on materials, 3503 Public expenditure, apportionment, 4560 Eadiotelegraph stations, lake Erie, 3338
Want of Confidence. See Lack of Confidence, M. (Mr. Irvine)
Wanipigow River dam, 1000
War. See also Germany, Reparations; National Defence
British expeditionary force 3885 Burdens, 2967, 2981. See also speeches on Address; Budget
Canada's participation in, 4655. See also that title; Imperial Conference Canadian expeditionary force, enlistments, qu. 1031 Causes of, 2725 Claims. See War Claims Conditions following, 1231. See also Immigration
Debt, 2797. See also Pubic Debt Capital levy 2722-28 Expenditure 2915, 2920 Naval 110
Responsibility for 3078 1914-1922, qu. 914 French-Canadians, bravery 2935 Glorification of, 2686 League of Nations and, 3993 Loans. See that title Material, sale of, 2986 Medals 1743
Medical supplies, purchase of, 2921 Middlemen, 2921
Monuments and Memorials. See Monuments and Memorials; Vimy Ridge Pensions. See that title
Profiteering, 2585, 2981 Profits, taxation of, 2788, 2985 Reparations. See Germany Responsibility for. See Germany Retired officers, serving in. See Militia Pension Act Amdt.
Revenues collected during, 2985 Rhineland occupation, cost of, qu. 2696 Scandals, 2815
Davidson commission, qu. 812 Taxation, 2788, 3028. See also that title War profits tax, 2788, 2985 United States and, 2918
War Claims. See also Alien Enemy Property; Germany, Reparations Adjustment of, qu. 1486, 1745 Canada Steamship Lines, Limited, qu. 3142 Canadian claims against Germany, 2496 Canadian Pacific Railway shares, 2496 German claims against Canadians, 2496 Investigation, statement of categories, 2500
Llandovery Castle, sinking of, 1745 Massey-Harris Company, settlement of, 2497
Militia services, 900 Statement of expenditure, 1747 Naval service, 900
Pugsley, Hon. William, appointment as commissioner. See Pugsley Secretary of State, 2495 M. (Mr. Stevens) to reduce vote, 2502, neg. 2504
Statement of, 2496
Vickers, contract, cancellation, 1746
War Measures Act, Oleomargarine. 3528. See also Oleomargarine; M. (Mr. Carroll)
War Revenue Act. See Special War Revenue
War Service, Repatriation. See Naturalization Act
Ward, Mr. W. J. (Dauphin)
Budget, 2959. "Annual family squabble"; zigzag course of debate; arguments for and against protection; more important matters than the tariff; freight rates; suspension of coasting regulations, 2959; increase of lake grain rates; the "shipping barons"; discrimination by Canadian boats in favour of United States lake ports; milling in bond; United States railway earnings from transportation of flour, 2960; Crowsnest pass agreement; saving in railway rates absorbed by shipping

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