May 22, 1923 (14th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Volume IV:

Wharves-C on.
New Brunswick, transfer to federal government, 946 Revenue, 976
United States, built on Canadian territory, 2735
Wharfage tolls, 975
Wheat. See Grain and Grain Trade
Wheat Board. See Grain and Grain Trade
Wheat Stem Saw-Fly. See Agriculture; Insect Pests
Wheeler, Mr. Seager, 278
White, Mr. J. F. (London)
Agricultural implements, standardization, 809
British preference, woollen goods, 3470 Budget, 2964. Debt and taxation; expenditure; retrenchment in civil government; raisins and dried currants; duty; Australia, trade with; French treaty; artificial silk industry; hemp bounty; binder twine, discrimination against manufacturer, 2964; history of binder twine industry; price advance following abolition of duty; production, imports and exports, 2965; home and export prices; tariff stability; knowledge as to conditions of investment; reciprocity proposals; amendment, 2966; income tax; unearned income; indemnity of members; socialistic doctrine; Abraham Lincoln on rights of capital, 2967 Firebrick duty, 3482 Fuel supply, 809 Old age annuities, 1639 Opium and Narcotic Drugs Act, 697 Penitentiaries, 771 Pensions, disability entitling to, 679 Post offices, grade 3, qu. 4300 Printing bureau, new building, 1737 Proportional representation, M. (Mr. Good) 423
Radiotelegraphy, 3374 St. Lawrence river waterway, 3781 Tobacco imports, duties, qu. 1258 Unemployment relief, 690 Welland canal construction, 3781
White, Mr. James, salary, 4667
White, Sir Thomas, Reciprocity, "Noble Eighteen", 2908
White Mud River, fishway, 3362
1027-2045 Volume III: 2047-3044

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