May 22, 1923 (14th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Volume V:


White Star Dominion Line
Immigration, 1193 Ocean freight rates, 2127
Whitley Councils. See Civil Service
Whitney, Sir James, hydro-electric development, 1267
Wholesale Grocers. See Combines Bill
Widows, Pensions. See Pensions
Wild Life Sanctuaries. See National Parks and Reservations Bill
Wiley Estate. See Yukon
Williams-Taylor, Sir Frederick, 4019
Willison, Sir John. See also Immigration, Canada Colonization Association Canada Colonization Association, 1323, 1328, 1429
Retirement from, 1164 Reminiscences, quotation from, 1182
Wilson, Mr. G. C. (Wentworth) Hamilton-Brantford highway, qu. 624, 2492 Ontario projected highways, qu. 624
Windermere Highway. See Banff-Winder-mere
Windsor, N.S.
Dredging, 1010 Historic sites, 3406
Windsor, Ont., emigration, 1404
Wines. See Budget; Customs and Excise; Liquor; Treaties, French Treaty
Coal purchases for public buildings, 496 Elmwood postal station, 4628 Emigration from, to United States, 1975 Fort Osborne barracks, 4628 Government printing, 3144 Winnipeg Saturday Post, qu. 3323 Grain sample market, qu. 345 Institutions and services of, 1214 Liberal Association, immigration, 1429 Lord Shaw, statement on immigration, 2833 Minto street armoury, qu. 2084 Proportional representation, 392, 411, 412, 433. See also that title Stockyards, 2762
Ukrainians, resolution. See West Ukrainian Republic
Unemployment, 41-42, 435, 1124, 1215, 1644, 1883
Mayor, representations from, 1658
W innipeg-C on.
Water powers, 3421, 3425. See also Lake of the Woods
Winnipeg Free Press, emigration, 2790
Winnipeg-St. Croix projected railway, 2898
Winnipeg River, 1214. See also Lake of the Woods
Wireless Telegraphy, 3337. See also Radiotelegraphy; Telegraphs and Telephones
Hudson Bay route, 1046 Industrial Group, Great Britain, message from, 4436
Navigation and, 3333 Northwest territories, 3944-5 Vessels, equipment, 3355-6 Wireless stations, 3374 Mayo, 4702
Wolves. See Animals, Wild
Wolvin, Mr. Lee H., 4281. See also Freight Rates, Shipping; Lake Grain Rates
Wolvin, Mr. Roy, 1704. See also Freight Rates, Shipping; Lake Grain Rates
Civil Service, in, 1772 Dominion Council of Health, representation, 3649 Farm, 1844
Pensions, 1651. See also that title Representation in parliament. See Mac-phail, Miss
Rights of. See Bankruptcy Act Women's Labour League, 2718 Wood, Mr. E. R., 60
Wood, Mr. H. W., statement on budget, 2771 2853, 2946
Wood, Mr. W. F., income tax conviction, qu 3582
Wood. See also Lumber Staves, duty, 3487
Woodbridge, Ont., postmaster, 1821, 1828
Woods, Mr. R. J. (Dufferin)
Bacon, grading, 593
Budget, 2846. A dual policy, 2846; tariff; slow movement of Liberal party toward reduction; reciprocity; market for agricultural products; effect of United States emergency tariff on Canadian exports; cheque tax; limitation, inequitable, 2847; agricultural

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