May 22, 1923 (14th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Volume IV:

3045-4005 Volume V: 4007-4756

Woodsworth, Mr. J. S.-Con.
financial control; monopoly of credits; economic and social consequences of capitalism; control of educational agencies, 2725; Upton Sinclair, Capitalistic Control of the Press; control of government; federation of British industries; Canadian Manufacturers' Association; Sidney and Beatrice Webb, Decay of Capital and Civilization; wealth and poverty; privileges and monopolies, 2726; wage slavery; serious economic conditions; industrial democracy; socialism and state socialism; railways; spheres of federal and provincial control; coal mines; production for the use and not for profit, 2727; financial systems; labour platform; natural resources; public ownership and operation of public utilities and large scale industries; nationalization of banking system; abolition of class privilege; capital levy for war debt; taxation inequalities; History of Canadian Wealth; private property; natural resources; ownership and taxation of, 2728; conscription of men and wealth; new epoch in history; Rabindranath Tagore on civilization; radical changes necessary, 2729
Business of the House Audibility, 4593 Supply, relevancy, 4602 Canada Gazette, 1709
Canada Colonization Association. See under this title, Immigration Canada-West Indies Steamship service, 3378 Treaty, 3379
Canadian Government Merchant Marine Advance, 3844
jCompetition with subsidized steamship services, 3384 Vessels, sale of, 3813 Canadian National Railways Board, labour representation, 3636 Coal, Maccan and River Hebert mines, 1027
Management, responsibility and powers, 3635, 3699 Paris offices, 3699 Shopmen, resolution, 1338 Capital levy, 2728, 2909 Capital for settlers, 1089 China, civilization of, 2486
Woodsworth, Mr. J. S.-Con.
Chinese Immigration bill, 2338, 2485 Children, 2484 Merchants, 2484 Wives, 2484 Civil Service
Bonus, employees unmarried or without dependents, qu. 1257 Salary revision, 1793-4 Underpaid, 4672 Combines Coal situation, 254 Legislation inquiry, 254 Combines bill, 2551 Criminal Code Arndt, bills Betting information, 2282 Sedition, 616
Deputy ministers' salaries, 4672 Disallowance of Nova Scotia statute, 2389 Doukhobors, 1340 Eight-hour day, 1643
English and French-speaking people harmony, 1341
External Affairs department, 3588 False Creek bridge, 4708 Farm labourers Winnipeg, 1976 Farm lands, prices, 1087 Freight rates on coal, 1345 Fuel supply, exploitation, 1344 German reparations, M. 280, 311 Governor General Cars, repairs, 4691 Expenditure, 4627 Hansard, distribution of, 1715 Hector celebration, 4636, 4706 Hemp bounty bill, 4377, 4380 Hindu franchise, 4650-1 House of Commons Estimates, 2691 Restaurant, 2692 Sergeant-at-Arms, 2691 Howat, Mr. Alexander, detention at border, 2296, 2347, 2393, 2419, 2469, 3155 Immigration
Canada Colonization Association, 1336 3637
Reorganization, 3324, 3400 Child, 1342
Chinese. See also under this title, Chinese Immigration Exclusion, 2485 Students, 2485 Naturalization, 2196 Policy, 1336
Immigration Act Arndt, bill, 2433 Deportation without trial, 2433 Imperial Conference, 4650 Agenda, opportunity for discussion, 3453

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