June 30, 1923 (14th Parliament, 2nd Session)


William Stevens Fielding (Minister of Finance and Receiver General)


Right Hon. W. S. FIELDING (Minister of Finance):

Mr. Speaker, I should like to be permitted to add a word. Busily engaged as I have been in other things, I have not had an opportunity to pay as much attention to this very important question of pensions for soldiers as I desire, and I do not wish to discuss anything that has happened as between the pension commissioners and others. But I ask permission to say a word or two from my personal experience, not so much as a minister, as a member of parliament. Many of my constituents had, as they thought, claims against the Pension board, and like other members, I received complaints. In every instance when I went to the Pension board I am satisfied I received from Colonel Thompson and his associates absolute justice. I say that in strict justice to them. I have the highest respect for Colonel Thompson, and while he may have erred in some of these matters, from my personal knowledge of him, representing as I did a number of people in my constituency who had complaints which they desired to have considered, I can say that he brought to the performance of his duty a high sense of responsibility that bore testimony to his eminent qualification for the position he fills.

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