April 8, 1924 (14th Parliament, 3rd Session)


James Shaver Woodsworth


Mr. J. S. WOODSWORTH (Centre Winnipeg) :

According to despatches from London it would seem that there is considerable misunderstanding over the Lausanne treaty and Canada's obligations thereunder. There are one or two points, it seems to me that ought to be definitely cleared up by the government at this time. According to the statement made the other day by the Prime Minister in Hansard, page 946:
We deemed it of the utmost importance that there should be no misunderstanding as to our position with respect to Canada's obligations in this and kindred
matters and we stated that in our opinion parliament *would desire, as respected the treaty with Turkey and any other instrument arising out of the Lausanne Conference, to reserve to itself the right to decide, on the merits of the ease, what action on the part of the people of Canada was right and proper.
If I understand that clause aright, the statement there given, according to the Prime Minister's own wording, was that this parliament should decide what action should be taken. The Prime Minister the other day emphasized the importance of procedure, that Canada was not invited to be present at the making of the Lausanne treaty, but I take it there is something more in it than that, and that is our present attitude and our present relationship under that treaty.

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