June 24, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


The MINISTER OF AGRICULTURE (Hon. Sydney Fisher) :

1. A Miss Hagar is temporarily employed at the Central Experimental Farm.
2. About eight months.
3. She was recommended as having had a thorough training in botany and other branches of natural science at Owens College, Manchester, England, by Professor Weiss, one of the professors in that institution of learning, and by Professor Marshall Ward, professor of botany in Cambridge University, England. She was also recommended by Professor H. T. Bovey, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science, McGill University, Montreal.
4. She has been engaged in special expert work in making up for the director of

experimental farms records of the large *collections of trees and shrubs at the Central farm and cataloguing the collection of herbaceous plants, also in compiling scientific details on varieties of cereals, the action of fertilizers, and other topics for the use of the director, for bulletin purposes, and for his evidence before the Committee on Agriculture and Colonization of the House of Commons; detail work which bad unavoidably run into arrears, owing to the ever-increasing press of work under which the director labours.
5. Since the middle of March last.
6. Forty dollars a month.
7. No addition; but some slight changes have been made in a room in the office building for her accommodation.
8. The cost of the changes made on Miss Hagar's account has been about ten dollars.

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