February 25, 1925 (14th Parliament, 4th Session)


Jacques Bureau (Minister of Customs and Excise)


Hon. JACQUES BUREAU (Minister of Customs and Excise):

Mr. Chairman, I
should not like to claim the fathership of this ingenuity. I have been looking at the estimates for a number of years back, I find it has always been done in this way, and I could see no reason, neither could the officers of the department, why we should change it. This item covers various ports of the Dominion, and we can give any details when required. Everything appears in the Auditor General's report. I suppose the explanation that will be required of this item is the apparent increase of over half a million dollars, from $5,799,561.59 in 1924-25, to $6,366,235. Last-night I was asked if the reorganization in the Department of Customs had taken place. My answer was that it had taken place in the outside service, but not in the inside service. Civil government last night covered the inside service. This item covers the outside

service. The explanation of the increase is that an the previous year there was a bonus paid to the employees, they receiving, in addition to their regular salary, a bonus which was not charged to Customs and Excise, but was paid, as I explained last night, by the Finance department. In the reorganization the bonus has been absorbed, and we are paying an amount of $586,223.29. By the reorganization the amount which we have added is not quite as large as the amount which was paid when we paid the bonus. The saving by the absorption of this bonus and the reorganization is the difference between the amount I have just stated, $586,223.29, and $566,673.41.

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