June 26, 1925 (14th Parliament, 4th Session)


Henri Sévérin Béland (Minister of Soldiers' Civil Re-establishment; Minister presiding over the Department of Health)



In this -connection we have entered into an agreement with the rehabilitation committee in Toronto which has -created wide interest. A certain number of gentlemen in Toronto have got together, and have decided to make a serious attempt to provide employment for disabled ex-service men. The head of this committee is Mr. Melville White. He is supported by a number of prominent men, -mainly manufacturers, who have lent their good will, as it were, in -order to provide employment for these disabled ex-service men. They desired, of course, the co-operation of the government, and they formed a board of trustees -composed of Mr. Melville White, Mr. Staples, and Mr. Qunn, who carry on the administrative work. They have already placed quite a number of returned men. On the 30th of April they had placed permanently 285 men, which I think is quite an -achievement. The expenditure is about $30,000. Unless you have the goodwill and -co-operation of the employers, it is almost impossible to succeed. We have -a similar committee in Montreal, though -not on so lar-ge a scale, Sir Arthur Currie being on that committee, and another committee in Edmonton which has done very good work. In Montreal they are just starting. In time these committees may be extended to Hamilton -and other cities. At first the experiment was more expensive, but now we -have reached the point where we pay only one man, whom we plac-e at the disposal of the Industrial committee.

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