February 26, 1926 (15th Parliament, 1st Session)


Joseph Henry Harris

Conservative (1867-1942)


He rose in his place and
read a little document which our friend from Rosetown (Mr. Evans) does not think very much of. It has to do with the dumping clause which he is going to put into effect. Now, I was saying, when my attention was diverted, that the people of Saskatchewan should not think too much in terms of wheat. Let me make the quotation from the government blue book to which I referred a few minutes ago. It is as follows:
If the average export price of wheat in 1925 had been the same as in 1924. the total value of Canadian exports would have shown a decrease instead of an increase.
I should also like to say to our Saskatchewan friends that we all rejoice at the fact that in the west they have had three fairly abundant harvests. But they should bear this important point in mind: If they retain all their
eggs in one basket they will not be in very good condition when a bad season comes. Now, what will happen if a season of scarcity or famine should overtake our land?

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