February 26, 1926 (15th Parliament, 1st Session)


Joseph Henry Harris

Conservative (1867-1942)


The hon. Minister of the
Interior laughs; I shall have to have something to say to him later. When I used the word "famine" I used' it in a figurative sense. The possibility of a crop failure must always be borne in mind; therefore I say to our friends in Saskatchewan that they should not keep all their eggs in one basket.
I ask hon. members to consider seriously the policy which will stimulate industry in this country and give our workingmen a chance to live. We should all do our best to help industry along. There is one industry in
The Address-Mr. Harris

Winnipeg with which I am associated to a certain extent. A million dollars have been spent upon it in the last two years. We should all be glad to see industries spring up; I should like to see them established throughout the length and breadth of the west. If there is an industrial development of that character, then in the event of a failure in one line of activity the people can turn their attention to another. The fiscal policy of this country should be so framed as to give employment to our people and make them satisfied and contented.
I am glad the Minister of the Interior is in his seat and I hope he will stay here. I wish he had been here in 1912 when they were talking about a tariff board. I shall have something to say on that this evening, if you will now call it six o'clock, Mr. Speaker.
At six o'clock the House took recess.
After Recess
The House resumed at eight o'clock.

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