March 22, 1926 (15th Parliament, 1st Session)


Jean-François Pouliot



I rise to a question of privilege.
I refer to an article published in the Montreal Gazette some time ago. On the 10th March instant, there appeared in that paper a quotation from a speech delivered in Montreal by "the man on the street"-I mean Sparks street, namely Mr. R. P. Sparks, who repeated the same thing in Toronto. More-

over, I see that in the same article Mr. Theodore Morgan voiced the opinion that the statement should be printed in pamphlet form and distributed throughout the country-"Sherwin Williams paint covers the world 1" In his speech Mr. Sparks said:
All the organized bands of crooks that are living at the expense of the taxpayers of Canada hope that it will be a fiasco.
He means the customs probe.
A whole group of corrupt customs officers who are taking bribes hope that it will be a fiasco. American prison contractors who are shipping thousands of dozens of goods here, I am sure, are hoping it will be a fiasco. If Mr. Pouliot does hope so, he has got lots of company.
In explanation of those things let me refer to a former article in the same paper, the Montreal Gazette, on March 8. It is a resume of a speech I made at Montreal at the Reform Club on March 6. I wish to quote this extract from that resume:
The member for Temiscouata did not go deeply into the subject of the customs inquiry, but advised his listeners to spread counter-propaganda against the "odious attacks of Mr. Stevens," which he claimed are being distributed throughout the country in pamphlet form.
This is the point. I only said then that the Tory propaganda in connection with the customs probe would be a failure and an immense fiasco. I have nothing to say about the result of the customs probe, except that Mr. Sparks' nonsense may make of it a fiasco.
Mr; MEIGHEN: I rise to a point of order. I have not detected in anything quoted by the hon. gentleman any subject matter of a question of privilege. Certainly, even if there were, the remarks which he is making are away beyond his right as a member at this time.

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