March 25, 1926 (15th Parliament, 1st Session)


Hugh Alexander Stewart

Conservative (1867-1942)

Mr. STEWART (Leeds):

I should like a
farmer to inquire into a matter about which he had special training; and I should like to have a matter of this kind investigated by a man who by special training has qualified himself for the work. I am sure if we are safe in trusting all our other disputes to a county judge, we would be equally safe in trusting him with this. We ought to be just as safe as we should be with anybody else under our system. It does seem to me, however, to be a suggestion that should work out with justice to all concerned. I cannot follow the argument of the hon. member (Mr. Ward) who so severely reflects on county judges. Possibly one has done something to him which he does not like. At any rate his argument is not well founded.

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