April 26, 1926 (15th Parliament, 1st Session)


Ernest Lapointe (Secretary of State of Canada; Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada)



Department of Railways and Canals.
Office of the Chief Engineer, Ottawa, April 21, 1926.
Re Carillon Development
Under lease No. 24414, dated December 1, 1921, to the National Hydro Electric Co., Ltd., the company is given the right to construct a dam in the vicinity of the present Carillon dam on the Ottawa river which would raise the water level to elevation 120, and to develop the full flow of the river at this point, exclusive of the amount required for navigation. Since the granting of this lease, the company have submitted draft leases for the
consideration of the department which involve raising the level provided for above the proposed dam and the export of a portion of the power developed. The draft leases have not been approved and lease 24414 is still extant.
In December, 1924, the Montreal, Ottawa and Georgian Bay Canal Company, in accordance with the provisions contained in their charter, granted in 1894 and at various times amended and extended, submitted for approval a plan showing the location of their proposed works in the section of the river extending from Grenville to Carillon. In December, 1925. the company submitted for approval an alternative location of their proposed works in this section. Neither scheme has been approved, and because the construction of a new canal with the works incidental thereto in this section will affect the existing Carillon and Grenville canal under this department's jurisdiction, the company's representatives have been verbally advised, that their plans will have to be submitted in more detail before consideration will be given to their proposals.
A. E. Dubuc,
Chief Engineer.
Department of Public Works.
1. The Montreal, Ottawa and Georgian Bay Canal Company.
2. The approval of plan of a canal and works from Hawkesbury to Pointe Fortune.
3. Filed on December 18, 1924, under the company's charter granted under act of parliament, 57-58 Victoria (1894) and amendments. Matter under consideration.

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