July 1, 1926 (15th Parliament, 1st Session)


Henry Lumley Drayton (Minister of Finance and Receiver General; Minister of Railways and Canals)

Conservative (1867-1942)

Sir HENRY DRAYTON (Leader of the House):

Will my hon. friend allow me one moment, just on the question of order? I am quite content that this matter should be discussed but I think it should be discussed under some appropriate heading, and that we should not have it under every heading. We had a long discussion lasting for some three hours last night while in committee of Supply;
I did not think it was in order at all, but hon. gentlemen were very anxious to discuss it and the government certainly has not the slightest intention of preventing that discussion. But 1 think my hon. friend will agree that we should have some understanding as to when this question shall be finally discussed. My hon. friend says he is rising to a question of privilege, but he has not yet defined that question.

Topic:   P.C. 1047.
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