July 20, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


The POSTMASTER GENERAL (Hon. Sir William Muloclt).

With reference to the subject of mail service at Fort Frances, to which the hon. leader of the opposition, has alluded, when this subject was brought to my attention two or three days ago, I applied to the comptroller of the railway mail service for an explanation. He informed me that the service between Winnipeg and Fort Frances was performed by the Canadian Northern Railway, by their regular train service, which at that time was limited to three trains per week. I think the days were Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Without the consent of the department, the railway company decided to discontinue the running of that train service as heretofore regularly to Fort Frances, but to stop at same point west, and intended, in lieu thereof, to put on an express train. The express train as I am informed was not established for a few days after Friday, the last regular day of the local to which I have referred. Accordingly there was a hiatus cused by this change in the running of the train. The moment the matter was called to my attention, instructions were given to utilize all the trains, which is now being done. Of course it is the privilege of the mayor to write as he likes to a member of the House and for an hon. member to read his telegram, but it is quite an unfair way of presenting the case.
Mr, BORDEN (Halifax). I do not know whether my hon. friend intends to charge me with any unfairness.

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