July 20, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


The AUNISTER OF FINANCE (Hon. W. S. Fielding).

I think that some part of the difficulty arises from the fact ;aat my hon. friend's remarks dealt with two subjects, which probably the officials who prepared the return did not associate together, although they do in some respects touch each other. Aly hon. friend's remarks had relation to the question of provincial autonomy, and he has mentioned some correspondence which took place between Air. Haultain and myself which has not been brought down. I had no correspondence whatever with Air. Haultain on the question of provincial autonomy. I did have correspondence with him with respect to the grants to the North-west Territories, and I quite admit that the two questions touch each other, though they are distinct from each other, and I think that may be the explanation of the absence o? these documents.

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