December 15, 1926 (16th Parliament, 1st Session)


William Lyon Mackenzie King (Prime Minister; President of the Privy Council; Secretary of State for External Affairs)



The government considered very carefully the point my hon. friend has just mentioned of endeavouring to suit the convenience of the members of the House by fixing as early a date as possible. We did think of asking the House to permit the adjournment until the 15th of February, but, on ascertaining the views of different members and conferring between the tw'o sides of the House, we concluded that a week earlier than that would be preferable, and for that reason we have fixed the 8th of February. I ought to remind the House perhaps that there are a number of matters requiring the consideration of the government to which the government has had so far no opportunity to give consideration. All of this year has been taken up pretty much with matters of political discussion either in the House or outside of it. Many departmental matters which should receive the attention of the ministers have necessarily had to be left over until an opportune moment came for their consideration. The estimates for the coming year have to be prepared with care. It will take some little time for the ministers to determine finally the amounts to be placed in the estimates. We would like to have the estimates in readiness to be brought down as soon as parliament reassembles. It is not an easy matter, as hon. members opposite who have had experience will know, to decide on such matters as the estimates while parliament is actually in session. I would ask the House to show to the ministry that degree of consideration to which I think it is entitled at this time in allowing the extra week, which will mean a great deal to many of us in getting the sessional business in shape for the reopening of parliament. I can assure the House that it will be the effort of the government just as soon as parliament reassembles to have all its business in readiness to go on with immediately.

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