February 10, 1928 (16th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Louis Édouard Fernand Rinfret (Secretary of State of Canada)



It is pretty hard to determine what is a reasonable price. I suppose there is competition. I suppose a reasonable price is arrived at having reference to the prices of similar articles. In the case of a patented article which would be in a class by itself I would interpret this section as being within the discretion of the department to determine, whether the price is reasonable or not, but I may say there is no intention on the part of the department to fix the price of the article. The only discretion is to determine whether the patented article is sold at a reasonable price, and if not the department would have authority to grant a license to someone else, in order to place a similar article at the disposal of the public at -a lower price. I think that is what it would mean.

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