February 13, 1928 (16th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Mr. MOTHERWELL: (Minister of Agriculture)


1. The entire county of Prince Edward and that part of Murray township in the county of Northumberland, which lies south of the Murray canal and adjacent to the county of Prince Edward.
2. 24,184.
(1) Upon receipt of a request from the government of any province and upon compliance with the provisions of these regulations the government of Canada will, whenever it appears desirable to the Minister of Agriculture so to do, assist in the eradication of bovine tuberculosis from a restricted area in the manner hereinafter provided.
(2) Applications may be made to the Dominion Department of Agriculture by the Minister of Agriculture of the provincial government, stating that the province is desirous of federal aid in the eradication of bovine tuberculosis from a restricted area, upon and subject to the provisions of these regulations, and stating: (a) the location and boundaries of the proposed area; (b) the approximate number of cattle within it; (c) that a majority consisting of at least two-thirds of the cattle owners in the proposed area are in favour of having their cattle tested for the eradication of tuberculosis, and (d) that the provincial government whenever requested by the federal department of agriculture will assist in the enforcement of these regulations by conducting prosecutions of persons accused of obstructing or refusing to assist federal inspectors engaged in the work of testing cattle, and persons who, in any way, refuse to obey the regulations made hereunder.
(3) Upon the approval of the federal Minister of Agriculture of any such application, a proclamation may be published in the Canada Gazette constituting the proposed area a restricted area within the meaning of these

regulations, whereupon all provisions of these regulations shall apply to said restricted area.
(4) The said area shall be a quarantined1 area in so far as bovine tuberculosis is concerned. Cattle may only be moved into or out of the area under the following conditions:-
(a) Fully accredited cattle accompanied' by a certificate of a veterinary inspector may enter the area without test.
(b) Cattle from herds under the supervision of the health of animals branch for the eradication of tuberculosis may enter the area without test if accompanied by a certificate signed by a veterinary inspector showing the date of the last test.
(c) Other cattle intended to remain within the area shall be subjected to the tuberculin test by a veterinary inspector or approved veterinarian before admittance to the area.
(d) Cattle for entry into the area for exhibition purposes or other temporary stay, not covered by sections (a) and (b) shall be subjected to the tuberculin test by a veterinary inspector or approved' veterinarian before admittance to the area.
(e) Cattle for immediate slaughter consigned to approved slaughter-houses only may be brought into the area without test, but shall not be allowed to come in contact with other cattle and shall be kept isolated on the premises until slaughtered.
(0 Cattle in transit across the area by rail shall not be unloaded except at a point designated for that purpose where they may be kept from contact with other cattle within the 4 area.
(g) Cattle shall not be driven across the area by road unless special permission has been obtained in writing from the Veterinary. Inspector in charge of the area.
(5) Owners of cattle within the area will be lequired to assist the veterinary inspectors making the test by assembling the cattle when requested and giving whatever additional help as may be reasonably expected. Owners when requested must furnish meals and bed for the inspector while conducting the test.
(6) Suitable transportation from farm to farm within the area for the officers of the health of animals branch must be provided by the provincial government.
(7) Use of syndicate or joint bulls will be permitted in herds that are equally free from disease but not otherwise. For instance a bull from a herd that has contained reactors shall not be used in a herd that has passed a clean test.

(8) All cattle within the area shall be submitted to the tuberculin test as soon as practicable by veterinary inspectors or accredited veterinarians*; and shall be retested whenever deemed necessary by the veterinary director general.
(9) Reactors to the test shall be marked for identification and shall be disposed of by slaughter under inspection forthwith. '
(10; Compensation for reactors slaughtered by order of the veterinary inspector duly authorized under the act may be granted as provided in sections 6 and 7 of the Animal Contagious Diseases Act.
(11) Compensation will not be paid for reacting grade bulls, steers, or animals affected with lumpy jaw.
(12) The feeding of animals within a restricted area on by-products of cheese factories, skimming stations and butter factories is prohibited, unless the said by-products have first been sterilized by heat.
An accredited veterinarian for the purposes of these regulations means a veterinary practitioner authorized by the veterinary director . general to conduct tests under the regulations of the health of animals branch.

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