February 13, 1928 (16th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Mr. VENIOT: (Postmaster General)


1. Sarah Catherine Currie.
Edward Wallace Laskey.
J. Stirling King.
Edward Albert Britton.
Frank Hagerman.
2. E. A. Britton-Kenneth W. Keith.
O. I. Clark.
J. U. Montgomery.
Frank A. Acton.
A. G. Baker.
Rev. C. LeRoi Mooers. Major H. Priest-man.
Miss S. C. Currie-W. Steadman Smith.
Kenneth W. Keith.
I. A. J. Ward.
M. L. Hayward.
A. G. Dickinson.
R. J. Potts.
F. Hage-rman-H. Ward Ginson.
A. F. Campbell.
C. J. Dunphy.
Albion R. Foster.
J. S. King-A. E. Plumer.
M. G. Harmer.
George Jackson.
E. W. Laskey-Garnett W. Birmingham. C. G. Anslow.
Wendal P. Tedlie.
H. N. Boyer.
F. E. Sayre.
A. D. McCain.
3. Edward Albert Britton.
4. Edward Albert Britton.
Sarah Catherine Currie.
Edward Wallace Laskey.
5. (a) Edward Albert Britton. Unsuitable on account of age and in interest of public service; (b) Sarah Catherine Currie. Unsuitable.
6. Edward Wallace Laskey.
7. Postmaster General consulted parties in Hartland regarding Mr. Britton and Sarah C. Currie.
8. Representations were received to the effect that Mr. Britton and Sarah C. Currie were unsuitable on grounds of age or of character or general qualifications.
9. Yes.

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