February 19, 1929 (16th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Samuel William Jacobs



When I presented the return half of my ticket to the North British Railway it was at once taken up and I found myself in Glasgow within an hour. If the only objection is a question of auditing between the two railway companies, I do not think it ought to weigh with this house. My hon. friend can understand that in the case of a return ticket issued to a person travelling, say, from Montreal to Toronto, he may find when he wishes to get back to Montreal that there is no sleeping accommodation on the issuing line, but that he can secure a berth on the other line. In that event why should not the return half be accepted by that other company? It can be turned in by the passenger himself when he reaches Montreal or even when he arrives in Toronto. It is only a question as to who shall collect the money, the passenger himself, who may have run short of cash after he has been in Toronto one or two days,-

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