March 1, 1929 (16th Parliament, 3rd Session)


John Millar

Liberal Progressive


I think on that side of the house they often need support. On looking at the order paper it will be seen that the first resolution refers to the grading of wheat. That matter- itself could very well stand cfVer until after the budget debate with no serious result, but it is intertwined and interlocked with matters of vital importance to western Canada, one of them being the mixing of grain and I know that members on both sides of the house are anxious to have this question proceeded with and sent to committee in order that the other matters which are of pressing importance and which will possibly necessitate legislation during this session may be investigated without loss of time. If the matter stands until after the budget debate is concluded, probably two weeks of valuable time will be lost, and I think it important that this question go to the committee at once. It will not take very long, and if Monday were allowed for private members the matter would go to the committee and they would have something of importance to proceed with.

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