March 6, 1929 (16th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Mr. RINFRET: (Secretary of State of Canada)


1. The mass of stationery supplies furnished to the houses of parliament and the government departments is of Canadian manufacture. Goods of foreign make are, as the regulations require, supplied only when Canadian or British made articles of the type desired are not procurable at approximately equal prices. A few lines of supplies such as pens, lead pencils, 'penholders, typewriters, calculating machines, etc., are not manufactured in Canada, and some are not so far as known manufactured in the British empire. For several years pens not of British make only have been purchased for stock; any pens not of British make supplied in recent years would be on special order or to exhaust remainders of old stocks. Lead pencils of British make are stocked, but certain makes of foreign pencils are still demanded by customer departments in some cases. Penholders
of British make are stocked, but most departments prefer penholders of United States manufacture, which are offered in a greater variety. Ink of Canadian manufacture only is supplied save to meet some positive demand for other goods. Typewriters and calculating machines of British make are not known.
Keys for desks are supplied with desks when purchased. Keys for offices are furnished under contract for the building, and keys for the post office boxes are supplied under contract foT boxes. If any additional keys are required they are cut in Ottawa, in the Public works workshop, from blanks which are generally purchased in Canada.
The atlas of the Immigration and Colonization department is being published in Canada since the fiscal year 1924-25.
As far as the Interior department is concerned the only atlas published by the department in the last ten years is the animated atlas of Canada, which was published in Canada.
2. and 3. Answered by No. 1.

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