March 6, 1929 (16th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Mr. RINFRET: (Secretary of State of Canada)


1. Sick leave with pay: April 1st to September 27th, 1928, January 31st, 1929, a.m.; a total of 5 months 27i days.
Annual vacation: December 22nd, 1928 and January 2nd, 1929, a.m.-li days.
2. September 28th, 1928.
3. Communications have been received from time to time from the Auditor General giving the result of his annual or more frqquent audit

of ithe various stores of the Department, the reports containing comments on the principal features of the audit, enumerating the respective shortages and overages, and recommending changes in procedure which might lessen these differences, and there have been replies to these communications. The correspondence involved will be produced when ordered.
4. There has been no correspondence relating specially to the matter of salary increase in the case of the Superintendent of Stationery, but in January 1927 that officer was included in a list (comprising all the principal administrative officers) which was placed before the Civil Service Commission with the request that a general review of the same might be made with respect to the matter of compensation; in the case of the Superintendent of Stationery and certain other officers the decision of the commission has not been received. Various communications on the subject have passed, and the correspondence will be produced when ordered.

Subtopic:   EDMUND RYDER
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