March 14, 1929 (16th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Kenneth Alexander Blatchford


Mr. K. A. BLATCHFORD (Edmonton East):

Mr. Speaker, I would like to draw the attention of hon. members to an advertisement that appeared in last night's Journal in connection with certain mining stock that is being placed on the market. It is signed by a gentleman by the name of Richard A. McClymont, Investment Counsel, whatever that may be. In the advertisement he twice referred to me as recommending this stock to the hon. members of this house, to my friends, and to the general public.
I wish, Mr. Speaker, to point out, that I am not a mining broker, not a stock salesman, nor am I recommending any line of mining stock to any one. I have never met this gentleman up to the present moment. The only recollection I have of Mr. McClymont is when be grew famous overnight through his letters in the press a year ago in connection *with the civil service. I believe a recommend-

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ation from a man like Mr. MeClymont would black the eye of any mining company, and would absolutely ruin the reputation of any member of this house, and I hope the Ottawa Journal will see its way clear to correct this impression.

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