August 17, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Haughton Lennox

Conservative (1867-1942)


Yes, the one-eyed steer. He tells us that the west required last year 50,000 stockers, and that 25,000 were obtained in Ontario and the other 25,000 had to be sought for in Mexico. Why ? Because of the lack of adequate railway facilities. If I am not mistaken, he said they could not be got in the province of Quebec because we had not the requisite railway facilities. We could obtain 25,000 in Ontario, but not the other 25,000 in Quebec. Of course, we must give the hon. gentleman credit for veracity. We must credit him with a desire to tell the truth, and we want to give him credit for an ordinary common sense. But it is difficult to account for his making the statement I have just drawn attention to, except on the hypothesis that he had been led astray by an exuberant imagination. Have we not the same facilities for transport from the province of Quebec that we have from the province of Ontario ? The assertion is a mistake. It is found upon investigation that the hon. minister is not correctly informed-for I certainly assume that it is only owning to incorrect information- and even a little study of the situation would have set him right. Here is the statement:
There is another line of trade to which Jus' one word of reference may be made. It is the cattle trade. I want to call the attention of this House to a fact or two with which I think they are not acquainted, because they are not likely to have ever been brought to their attention. I want to call attention to the fact that one of the great industries of the Northwest Territories is grazing cattle, as contrasted with raising cattle. Last year we imported 277
into the North-west Territories no less than
50.000 head of what are called stockers, that is, young cattle, bought by the ranchers for the purpose of being finished and perfected for the English market. Where did they get them ? They got 25,000 from the good province of Ontario, and our friend Mr. Crawford, the Conservative member for one of the Torontos in the provincial legislature, says they have not at present facilities for sending their cattle to the North-west, and he wants the Grand Trunk Pacific built so that they will have more facilities. * * Where did they get the rest. They got them from Mexico. * * Here we have
25.000 stockers in one year coming from far away Mexico, because we have not the shipping facilities to take them from Eastern Canada.
I am not personally acquainted with Mr. Crawford. I have known him as a public man ; I have had the pleasure of reading his speeches. But if speeches are an indication of men's minds-and if they are, God help some of these hon. gentlemen on the other side-if a man's speeches are a measure of the calibre of his brain, I take Mr. Crawford to be a sensible, intelligent, practical man. That is the reputation he has. I know that in a county where I was stumping-some hon. gentlemen will say that what I am about to say is no great certificate of Mr. Crawford's ability-it was recognized, where I and some others were going to speak, that if we could get Mr. Crawford, we should have an exceptionally strong man.

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