March 30, 1931 (17th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Charles Gavan Power



My hon. friend says "Wait
and see." I shall be glad to wait and see if I have the assurance of the government or of the Prime Minister that they have no intention of supporting the contention of the hon. member for Dorchester. May I say that the hon. member, during the late ill fated visit to England of the right hon. Prime Minister and the Solicitor General (Mr. Dupre) was publicly styled in the newspapers the Acting Solicitor General. Therefore, his statement is almost an official or at least a quasiofficial statement. He says that he speaks for the members from the province of Quebec and his statement is published in a newspaper owned or at least directed by an important official of this house, the deputy speaker. I believe it is the duty of the ministers from the province of Quebec and of the Prime Minister to take the committee into their confidence in this matter. This should be done before we vote any further sums, and I ask the Prime Minister to give us this information.

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