August 31, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Henri Sévérin Béland



(Translation.) No, Beauce county is not to be crossed by that line, and if I am in favour of the government scheme, it is not for motives of sectional interest, but because I am satisfied that it will further the progress of industry, commerce and colonization throughout Canada. That is the broad view I take. I support tbe measure because it is bound to open up and develop an immense and exceedingly fertile territory, well adapted to colonization and agriculture, abounding, besides, in resources of all kinds : pulp wood, minerals and so forth. From Quebec to Winnipeg, that line will go through a magnificent country, a region which, as regards natural wealth, stands second to no other in Canada, to no other south of James bay and Lake Nepigon. It contains minerals and pnlp wood in almost limitless quantities. and these resources will be turned to usefulness by the building of the national transcontinental.
As regards the section from Winnipeg to Edmonton, is it necessary that I should take up the time of the House to show how extremely- fertile and suitable to the growing of wheat, are the prairies which this road will cross ?
The Rocky Mountains sections is not a very advantageous one ; but to reach the Pacific it is necessary to cross it.

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