July 10, 1931 (17th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Richard Bedford Bennett (Prime Minister; Minister of Finance and Receiver General; President of the Privy Council; Secretary of State for External Affairs)

Conservative (1867-1942)

Right Hon. R. B. BENNETT (Prime Minister):

Before the orders of the day are proceeded with, I think I should inform the house that the cable arrangements with Australia contemplate a statement being made on Monday with respect to the trade agreement made between Canada and that dominion. Owing to the difference in time it will suit the convenience of the ministers there if the statement is made here about nine o'clock in the evening, and I trust that the house will afford us an opportunity for such a statement to be made on Monday evening at nine o'clock or thereabouts. I 'have not yet received the agreement. The mail apparently has been delayed, and if anything should intervene to prevent its being received

between now and Monday the statement might be deferred, but I promised the house that I would advise it as soon as I received word as to the time at which the statement would be made.

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