April 22, 1932 (17th Parliament, 3rd Session)


James Shaver Woodsworth



Last night the
minister was giving us some information about the back to the land movement, although I am not sure that most of us got a very clear idea of the extent of that movement or of just where the people were being placed. Another aspect to the question arises in connection with the proposal made by some of the western provinces to establish people on the land in connection with unemployment relief. To-day I received a wire from Winnipeg, signed by W. L. Parrish, chairman of the commission, reading as follows:
We urgently request immediate action on back to the land scheme approved by city council and provincial government and set out in Mr. Glubb's letter to Mr. Gordon dated March 16th and referred to in Clubb's letter-of April 16th. Opportune time to start scheme rapidly passing away. Please do your utmost with Prime Minister and Minister of Immigration. Applicants and public very restless at delay. Please wire reply.
This back to the land scheme as proposed in M innipeg and endorsed by the province and the city council has been a matter of negotiation for some time, and if these people are to go out on the land they should be there at once; otherwise it will be impossible for them to do any seeding this year. I have not been personally in close touch with the details of the movement, but I know that the minister has recently had an interview with Mr. Clubb, and we should like to have some very definite information as to whether the government is going to fall in line.

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