April 28, 1932 (17th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Mr. GUTHRIE: (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada)

Conservative (1867-1942)

1. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in taking over the preventive service on April
I, 1932, has absorbed most of the former members of the preventive service in that province.
2.. Superintendent Thomas Dann.
3. All members of the force in the province of Quebec act in endeavouring to prevent infractions of the Customs and Excise Acts. The following members of the former preventive service have been taken over in the province of Quebec and are now members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police:
1. J. A. L. Arsenault; 2. J. T. E. R. Allard; 3. J. R. Bourassa; 4. L. B. Brault; 5. A. W. Anderson; 6. W. Mack. Brady; 7. P. A. Chapados; 8. L. C. Cahill; 9. J. C. E. C. Delorme; 10. H. A. Dawson; 11. J. B. Ducharme; 12. C. J. Desaulniers; 13. C. L. Dale; 14. A. A. Denonville; 15. M. J. P. 0. Frejeau; 16. J. F. F. Gagnon; 17. A. G. Gobeil; 18. J. R. Huet; 19. J. D. Keiller; 20. G. A. Kelly; 21. J. E. LeMay; 22. O. Lessard; 23. G. E. Lapointe; 24. J. I. R. Lavoie; 25. M. T. Laberge; 26. D. Mack Lindsay; 27.
J. R. Lemieux; 28. M. Lapierre; 29. J. N. Menard; 30. T. A. Menard; 31. L. R. McLean; 32. L. C. P. McLean; 33. J. A. Minard; 34. P. A. Martineau; 35. J. R. Pelletier; 36. J. A. Plourde; 37. J. E. Pinet; 38. J. 0. Racine; 39. A. B. Riepert; 40. A. H. Robert; 41. P. E.
Rioux; 42. A. Roy; 43. D. A. Racicot; 44. J. J. C. A. St. Pierre; 45. P. A. Therriault; 46. E. E. Therriault; 47. J. A. Turgeon; 48. M. D. Tracey; 49. J. C. R. Verdon.

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