September 11, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


James Moffat Douglas



out of a question put to Mr. Coffey by the doctor. The doctor asked Mr. Coffey if he were Minister of the Interior, or were Mr. Sifton, if he would think it fair to give away public rights without a ' quid pro quo.' Mr. Coffey did not give a direct answer immediately.
The judge asked Doctor Catto if he were trying to find out something about the next member of parliament.
Dr. Catto immediately flushed, and in positive words declared he was disgusted to see an attempt to introduce politics from the bench.
Judge Britton quickly replied that he was disgusted to hear nonsense from the audience.
Dr. Catto declared he was tired of hearing of politics in connection with such matters.
The judge replied that the doctor was making the matter foolish. The doctor replied he was not.
The clash then terminated, and the examination of Mr. Coffey proceeded.
It would seem from the evidence given by Mr. Treadgold that he used these words :
The merchants of Dawson will have to come to me yet. 1 am the government of Canada.

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