October 20, 1932 (17th Parliament, 4th Session)


Joseph Henri Napoléon Bourassa


Mr. HENRI BOURASSA (Labelle) (Translation) :

Mr. Speaker, In yesterday's Hansard, I find the following words in the speech of the hon. Postmaster General (Mr. Sauve):
The hon. member for Labelle stated yesterday: "But I am in favour of closer relations between Canada and the other parts of the Empire; trade relations with the other component parts of the Empire and especially with Great Britain, but not when Tories are governing."
The words which are attributed to me are enclosed betiveen quotation marks.
Now, not only have I never uttered such words nor anything near, but they are entirely contrary to my thoughts and arguments stated in the speech where the hon. Postmaster General contends he found them.

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