September 18, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Edward Frederick Clarke

Conservative (1867-1942)


Of course we all know that the hon. gentleman is simply bluffing, if that is a parliamentary term. He has not attempted to answer a plain question. The subdivision of South Toronto is indefensible, and nobody knows it better than the hon. gentleman and those who are associated with him. To take a strip of territory 400 yards wide and six miles long and constitute it one division of a city-I say no more indefensible proposition was ever made to any community. There is no community of interest between the extreme east and the extreme west of the city, there is no compactness in the division. The division was made for the sole and only purpose of trying to get a liberal representative. If, according to our proposition, the territory east of Yonge street were given two members, and1 the territory west of Spadina avenue were given two members all classes of the citizens would be represented, the industrial classes, the manufacturing classes, the commercial and professional classes. I ask those gentlemen why in subdividing the city of Toronto, they have taken a strip from the extreme western limit at the Humber about 400 yards wide in some places, and fifty yards wide in others, a strip running along the front of the city, and constituted that into a constituency ?

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