Use the main Search page, or the Quick Search at the top of any Lipad site page, to perform a basic search of the complete Canadian House of Commons Hansard.

You can customize your query with a few simple operators:

Operator Description
- Use to represent NOT. For example, crime -internet will search for references to "crime" but not "internet".
" " Complete phrases can be searched using quotation marks. For example, "stephen harper" will return all speeches by Stephen Harper as well as speeches containing this phrase.
* Wildcard match. For example, to search for all speeches by a politician, type * as search term and filter by that politician.

Advanced Search Options

Additional search options can be found below the search box on the main Search page. All of these fields are optional.

Diagram of search interface.
Search Option Description
Politician Filter text search results by politician name. If you'd like an exact match (not case sensitive), select the Exact match checkbox.
Party Filter text search results by party. If you'd like an exact match (not case sensitive), select the Exact match checkbox.
Date Range Select a start date, end date, or both to restrict search results by date.
Day, month, and year must all be selected.
Sort By Date Search results are normally sorted by relevance; select this checkbox to sort by date.
Show Oldest Results First If sorting by date, select this box to sort results from oldest to newest instead of newest to oldest (default).

NOTE Remember to select a complete day, month, and year when filtering by date range.

Search Results

Each search result shows complete date and speaker information along with the first few sentences of each speech; longer speeches are truncated.

To see the complete text of a speech, and/or view a speech in its original context, click the Full View button on the bottom right of the speech panel.

Diagram of a sample search result.
Results Field Description
Date Displays the date when this speech occured in the House.
Portrait Portrait of the person who gave this speech. See Portrait Legend for more information about portraits for special or unknown speakers.
Name (Title) Each politician is identified, when possible, by their full name. Depending on the age of the file, we may also have information on their position in the House of Commons, which is listed following their name in parentheses.
Party The party affiliation of a politician is listed in full below their name. For easy reference, a party abbreviation and party colour is located in the top right corner of each speech record.
Biography @ PARLINFO Click to visit this politician's full record at PARLINFO, the official database of the Parliament of Canada.
Member File Click to view more details about this politician's parliamentary career, including their full speech record.
Formal Address Located just above the text of each speech. Older records from Hansard may contain additional information identifying who gave this speech. In cases where our software has made errors identifying a politician, this shortened form of address may be helpful to a researcher.
Speech Text The text of the speech containing the search query, truncated to a standard length for display purposes.
Topic and Subtopic If this speech was identified as part of a topic or subtopic block in the Hansard proceedings, this information is displayed below the speech text in each search result.
Full View Click to see the full speech of a search result in context.
Permalink Click to access this speech on its own unique page, for linking or citation purposes.
Report an Error In later versions of the site, we'll provide researchers with additional tools for saving and exporting search results, and reporting text recognition errors in the Hansard records so the data can be improved.

Portrait Legend

We've matched nearly every speech in Hansard to a politician with a portrait, but when one isn't available, one of the following portraits will be displayed.

No Portrait Available

No portrait available. We've identified the politician, but PARLINFO has no record of an existing portrait.


Interjection. This speech was out of turn in the House and was recorded as an interjection; it may not have an identified speaker.


Unknown. We weren't able to match this content with a speaker due to a text recognition error. Unfortunately, due to the age of our source documents, the oldest speeches we have in our records still contain computer errors.

Timeline Navigation

The Timeline allows you to explore the Canadian Hansard by decade, year, month, and day.

Date browse view sample.
  • At the top of each page, your current year, month, and day (as applicable) are displayed.
    For example, to return to the year 2012, click 2012 to view a list of months Parliament was in session in that year.
  • Your current time selection is shown in large text.
    Use the arrows to the left and right to proceed forward and backward to the next set of records.
  • Click "Export to CSV" to download this day's proceedings in a UTF-8 CSV file.

NOTE Older versions of Excel may be unable to open this file because of French language characters. We recommend using LibreOffice or OpenOffice to view exported CSV files.

Daily View

  • Selecting a day will display the entire proceedings of the House of Commons on that particular date.
  • In Daily View, speeches are displayed at their full length, together with all the other information available in search results.
Sample of daily view showing topics and stage directions.
  • Text in italics are "stage directions".
    They typically note normal procedures such as the daily opening and closing of the House.
  • Text in bold italic shows topics and subtopics in the House.
    Subtopics are represented by a smaller font.


We're continuously discovering and fixing bugs in the Lipad dataset, and on our website.

Here is a current list of issues we know about and are working on. If you encounter a problem that's not on this list, please let us know!

Bug Description
1907-1910 Data Three volumes of proceedings (10th Parliament, 2nd Session; 10th Parliament, 3rd Session; 17th Parliament, 1st Session) are missing from the dataset. These data will be reprocessed and rolled into the Lipad dataset as soon as possible.
Indexes Substantial chunks of Hansard index volumes present in early records have not been automatically recognised as index volumes and culled.
Title Misattribution In early Hansards, speakers identified by their title (eg. Minister of the Interior) rather than name cannot yet be linked to their proper politician profiles.
Riding and Politician Data Electoral district information, and detailed politician information, is available to researchers in supplementary XML data files but is not yet integrated into the website and search interface.
Report an Error We plan to implement a system for manual correction of OCR errors through an automated "Report an Error" system, whereby any user can submit changes and edits to problematic text records that will be verified by Lipad staff. Coming soon!

How to Cite

For information on citing speeches in Hansard and LiPaD, please check out this blog post.

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