Charles Benjamin HOWARD

HOWARD, The Hon. Charles Benjamin

Personal Data

Sherbrooke (Quebec)
Birth Date
September 27, 1885
Deceased Date
March 25, 1964
businessman, industrialist, lumber merchant

Parliamentary Career

October 29, 1925 - July 2, 1926
  Sherbrooke (Quebec)
September 14, 1926 - May 30, 1930
  Sherbrooke (Quebec)
July 28, 1930 - August 14, 1935
  Sherbrooke (Quebec)
October 14, 1935 - January 25, 1940
  Sherbrooke (Quebec)

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December 20, 1983

Mr. Howard:

Mr. Chairman, may I make a comment on the point of order and in respect of what the Postmaster General has just said. On previous votes in committee, on two separate occasions I have raised a similar point of order without naming the hon. Members who came in late. On each occasion the chairman of the committee at that time agreed that my point of order was well taken and that hon. members should not enter the chamber when a vote was being taken in committee.

The Chairman refers to Standing Order 12(2) of the previous issue of the Standing Orders. Today it is Standing Order 15(2), and it reads:

When Mr. Speaker is putting a question, no Member shall enter, walk out of or across the House, or make any noise or disturbance.

The Chairman goes on to say:

There is no doubt that by analogy the same rule will apply in committee. Therefore I believe that one vote should be deducted from the count made.

The other ruling to which I would like to refer is by Mr. Speaker Lamoureux, as reported in Hansard on December 2, 1971, at page 10,076. It reads:

Subtopic:   INCOME TAX ACT
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March 11, 1965

Mr. Coward:

Oh yes, it would be very imprudent to pull out of a pension plan just because we will have a new government plan. Most people will want more than the government plans will provide. The government plan provides a basic floor and pensions in addition through pension plans and through private saving will be very necessary; and I would strongly recommend that you should consider very carefully before you consider discontinuing a plan or pulling out your money.

There has been a good deal said in the House of Commons on the problem of integration of the Canada pension plan with other pension plans, over a long period of time. I can remember back as far as November 4, when the resolution was introduced into the house and I made comments in this regard. It is not within the legislative power of the federal government to tell individual firms in this country how they and their employees

Canada Pension Plan

will work in integrating their pension plans with the Canada pension plan. It may be that where no pension plan exists, or where the pension benefits are small, the Canada pension plan will be simply decked on top of the existing benefits in the pension plans that exist.

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March 25, 1964

1. During the fiscal year 1963 was any contract awarded for the construction of bungalows or houses at Fort Chimo, Quebec to Ron Engineering and Construction (Quebec) Limited and, if so, what was (a) the amount of the contract (b) the number of bungalows or houses (c) the cost of each bungalow or house, and (d) the use to which the bungalows will be put?

2. Since the contract was awarded has any revision been made to the said contract or any request made for such a revision and, if so, what are the details thereof?


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March 23, 1964

1. Has Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation established, since January 1, 1958 any restrictions regarding loans under the National Housing Act to people who live in Kitimat, B.C. and, if so, what is the extent of these restrictions, when were they implemented, to whom do they apply and what is the reason therefor?

2. Can employees of the Aluminum Company of Canada at Kitimat, B.C. borrow money from or through Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation or pursuant to the National Housing Act and, if so, at what rates and upon what terms?

3. Can people at Kitimat, B.C., other than employees of the Aluminum Company of Canada, borrow money from or through Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation or pursuant to the National Housing Act and, if so, at what rates and upon what terms?

Topic:   C.M.H.C. LOANS, KITIMAT, B.C.
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March 23, 1964

1. For the month of September 1963 was any inmate in the B.C. penitentiary notified that, after a review of the conduct, industry and attitude of the said inmate, he had failed to earn the possible three days remission for that month and, if so, how many said inmates were so notified?

2. Without disclosing the names of the said inmates, what were the reasons in each case for the failure to earn the said remission?

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