Paul-Arthur SÉGUIN

SÉGUIN, Paul-Arthur, B.Sc., LL.B.

Personal Data

L'Assomption--Montcalm (Quebec)
Birth Date
October 2, 1875
Deceased Date
November 24, 1946

Parliamentary Career

October 26, 1908 - July 29, 1911
  L'Assomption (Quebec)
September 21, 1911 - October 6, 1917
  L'Assomption (Quebec)
December 17, 1917 - October 4, 1921
  L'Assomption--Montcalm (Quebec)
December 6, 1921 - September 5, 1925
  L'Assomption--Montcalm (Quebec)
October 29, 1925 - July 2, 1926
  L'Assomption--Montcalm (Quebec)
September 14, 1926 - May 30, 1930
  L'Assomption--Montcalm (Quebec)
July 28, 1930 - August 14, 1935
  L'Assomption--Montcalm (Quebec)

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June 5, 1935

1. At what date did the government place an embargo on hay exports to the United States?

2. At what date was the said embargo removed?

3. Why was the said embargo placed, and why was it removed?

4. After the removal of the embargo, were Canadian farmers relieved from the formalities to which they were subject owing to the enforcement of this measure?

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May 23, 1935

Mr. SEGUIN (Translation):

Mr. Chairman, it is not to object to the $4,000,000 vote that I rise at the present time. I believe that in proposing this vote the government wishes to redeem the monumental error they committed in spending million after million to maintain people in idleness, instead of employing them at useful work. I should consider myself recreant to my trust if on this occasion, when a large sum is sought for public works, I did not once more ask the Minister of Public Works to use part of this $4,000,000 to rebuild the post office at L'Assomption.

Many times have I drawn the minister's attention to this matter, even showing 'him a photograh that I can now exhibit to the house. The present building, supported by props, is a disgrace to the town of L'Assomption and to the government. Its reconstruction or permanent repair is not only absolutely necessary, but would help to relieve unemployment. When I insisted on its reconstruction, a few more stays were simply added to prevent the building from crumbling. And when I repeated my request last year, a coat of paint was applied to the props in an endeavour to improve the appearance of this tottering structure owned by His Majesty. It is not too much to ask, now that a vote

[Mr. Donnelly.J

of $4,000,000 is before the house, that a reasonable sum be devoted to providing the t#wn of L'Assomption with a less disgraceful post office than it now has.

Many people in my district are out of work. During the past few years the government has had to disburse vast sums to maintain people in idleness, when they could have been employed at useful work. A post office has long been sorely needed at St. Lin des Laurentides. It had been decided in 1910 to build one, but unfortunately a change of government took place as the work was about to begin, and it was not proceeded with. Now that the government intends spending money to relieve unemployment, I think it would be proper to devote part of the $4,000,000 to the construction of a public building in the town of St. Lin des Laurentides.

May I remind the minister that my district contains a large number of farmers who grow vast quantities of tobacco. The construction of warehouses would prove a great advantage to the tobacco producers. There is urgent need, in many parishes of my district, of warehouses to enable the tobacco growers to market their product in good condition and at the right time.

I therefore suggest to the hon. minister that he relieve unemployment in my district by providing from this vote a sufficient sum to build warehouses, for example at L'Epi-phanie, at St. Jacques l'Achigan, at St. Esprit, at Ste. Julienne, at St. Alexis. Should he find that I am asking too much and that the building of small warehouses here and there will prove -too costly, I would ask him to build one large one, say in the town of Joliette, where the farmers of L'Assomption, Montcalm and Joliette counties could store their tobacco, keeping it safe and in good condition until the time came to market it at a decent price.

I respectfully submit these various propositions to the consideration of the minister. I could also add a request for the construction of the dam at Charlemagne that the Chambers of Commerce of L'Assomption and L'Epiphanie have already asked for. Senator Rainville, chief organizer of the Conservative party, has promised that a grant would be made for that purpose. I would point out to the hon. minister that this project is very important and will increase the value of all the land fronting on L'Assomption River. I would ask him to endorse the promise given by Senator Rainville and pro-

Public Works Program

vide a sufficient amount to erect this dam that will make L'Assomption River navigable once more and give to the whole district the benefit of the fine stream that the present bed of the river makes possible.

That is all I am going to say. I trust the hon. minister will take these requests under consideration and will not fail to grant at least one or two of them, among others the rebuilding of the post office at L'Assomption, which is a disgrace to the town and district, the construction of a large warehouse at Joliette, of a dam at Charlemagne and of a post office at St. Lin.

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May 20, 1935

1. At what date did the government impose a tax on hay for export?

2. At what date was the said tax removed?

3. Following the removal of this tax was any provision made, at the same time, to exempt the hay merchants from securing a special permit from the department to export their hay to the United States?

Subtopic:   TAX ON HAY
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April 8, 1935

1. When will the farm loan scheme provided for in the. new act be put into operation?

2. Where and to whom should interested parties apply in order to secure a loan?

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April 2, 1935


Will the $90,000,000 proposed in connection with the Canadian Farm Loan Act be allotted to each province on a basis of population?

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